Mechanical Services

Baywater Wireline provides a wide variety of mechanical services to help our customers maximize efficiency while safely managing the extremes associated with downhole environments.

Our mechanical services include: 

  • Tubing and Casing
    • Cast Iron Bridge Plugs
    • Cement Retainers
    • Composite Bridge Plugs
    • Junk Basket
    • Magna Range Bridge Plugs
    • Packers
    • Retrievable Bridge Plugs
    • Spiral Plugs
    • Tubing and Casing Patches
  • Through Tubing Services
    • Inflatable Plugs and Packers
    • Non-Vented Basket Plugs
    • Plastic Plug Backs
    • Sand, Cement, Plastic and Acid
    • Spiral Plugs
    • Straddle Packers
    • Through Tubing Gravel Pack
    • Vented Basket Plugs
  • Dump Bailers
    • Electro-hydraulic Bailer
    • Flex Bailer
    • Gravity Bailer
    • Positive Displacement Bailer