Mechanical Services

We provide a full range of mechanical services to help you identify and address issues that prevent your well from operating at its full capacity.

Our proven techniques help us maximize efficiency on workover and recompletion projects. Our attention to detail ensures that we’re able to safely manage the extremes associated with downhole environments.

Our mechanical services include: 

  • Tubing and Casing
    • Cast Iron Bridge Plugs
    • Cement Retainers
    • Composite Bridge Plugs
    • Junk Basket
    • Magna Range Bridge Plugs
    • Packers
    • Retrievable Bridge Plugs
    • Tubing and Casing Patches
  • Through Tubing Services
    • Inflatable Plugs and Packers
    • Non-Vented Basket Plugs
    • Plastic Plug Backs
    • Sand, Cement, Plastic and Acid
    • Spiral Plugs
    • Straddle Packers
    • Through Tubing Gravel Pack
    • Vented Basket Plugs
  • Dump Bailers
    • Electro-hydraulic Bailer
    • Flex Bailer
    • Gravity Bailer
    • Positive Displacement Bailer